The Garage

(RET KS 100)



Technical specs

Brand: Zundapp
Type: 517
Year: 1968
Engine: 100 cc/6.10 cu. in.
Carburetor: 22 mm/0.09"
Color: 40 year old RET mix
Registration: ZF
Front wheel: 19 inch
Back wheel: 16 inch
Frame, narrowed: 2 cm/0.79"
Tank, narrowed: 2 cm/0.79"
Front fork, narrowed: 2 cm/0.79"
Front fork, lowered: 7 cm/2.76"
Rear, lowered: 2 cm/0.79"
Emblems: Hand painted
Sadlle: Shortened, lowered and narrowed
Hubs and brakes: 1964, type 433
Rims: Original billet
Chain tensioners: Custom
Handlebars: Custom
Exhaust: Custom
Jiffy: Custom
Master-constructor: Aad Heemskerk
Paintjob:   Custom Corner
Pinstriping: El Cheapo

More pictures and details at KS or Flickr 


RET: Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram